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Quartz is made from one of the hardest minerals on the earth and makes an ideal material for kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities.  It has a unique blend of beauty and non-porous surface; it's easy to care for, making it ideal for any lifestyle.  We stock a variety of this eye-catching material: whites, earthy browns, blacks, and creams, with sparkles and veining -- similar to the look of granite and marble.  The difference though is that quartz is engineered in a factory.

About 94% of the ingredients is ground quartz; it's then combined with polyester resins to bind it and pigments are added to give it colour.  Some of the designs even have recycled glass or metallic flecks added to it.  Quartz countertops include resins that allow it to be maintenance free; they're also stain and scratch resistant.  Being non-porous allow for quartz to not require sealing or polishing.

Quantum Kitchen Countertops Ltd  only fabricates countertops using the best quartz brands available in the Canadian market.  Due to our high volume of sales, we're able to offer nearly 16 different quartz countertops,  starting from $49 / sq. ft.

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Products - Granite or Quartz Countertops

We import directly from Italy, Brazil, and other parts of the world.  We also order complete containers from local stone suppliers.  These advantages allow us to personally assure quality, consistency, and reduced costs!​​

Long-Term Investment

New Granite or Quartz Countertops will make your home more attractive and valuable. This means that the new addition to your home will DEFINITELY increase your house's market value.  When properly installed, Granite or Quartz Countertops will last a lifetime!  And if the day comes that you'd like to sell your home, you'll be able to sell it faster --and for a much better price!-- just because you've included an updated, and inviting kitchen and/or bathrooms.  These renovations are strong decision points for potential buyers.

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Edge Profiles

​​Edges give countertops character.  A countertop with a standard edge (shown below) is the preferable and most convenient design: it never becomes outdated and helps with providing the ability to easily brush off crumbs and dirt off any countertop.

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Standard Level    $59 / sqft

Mid - Level           $69 / sqft

Premium Level    $79 - 99 / sqft

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**Granite is a natural stone: it's created by forces of nature and composed of various minerals.  It's susceptible to wide differences in colour, texture, spotting, veining, and cracking -- these variations should be expected.


Standard Level    $59 / sqft

Mid - Level             $69 / sqft

Premium Level    $79 - 99 / sqft

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We only use products with the highest quality for our customers.  To obtain these products, we work with a variety of suppliers to help you find the stone or design that fits your needs.

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Granite is available in a near endless variety of different patterns of veins, specks, and swirls.​  Its beauty, durability, and longevity make it the most popular choice for kitchen countertops and other heavily used surfaces, including table tops, vanities, and floors.  Granite is an igneous plutonic rock; it was developed from melted volcanic lava that never reached the surface.  It slowly cooled and crystallized, forming a uniform speckled stone.  It is essential to note that granite is easily recognizable from the randomness of the grains and the compact structure.  The stone's textured and gentle hues gives granite a natural appeal and beauty.  Because of this, other materials can't compare to granite.

Granite is heat, stain, and scratch resistant (almost nearly impossible to scratch); it's protected against mold and mildew.  The surface can be easily cleaned and isn't easily affected by citric acid, coffee, tea, alcohol, or wine. 


S/S Square Corners Kitchen (32" x 19")      $450

S/S Round Corners Kitchen  (31" x 18")       $250

Washroom Porcelain Square (20" x 14.5")  $89