Quartz Countertops in Edmonton. From $49/sqft* Installed. QUARTZ is made from one of the hardest minerals on the earth, Quartz makes an ideal material for kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities. Its non-porous surface and unique blend of beauty and easy care makes quartz an exceptional match for any lifestyle.

The natural beauty of quartz is derived from its multi-dimensional gem-like colors.

They're also some of the most eye-catching. We stock a wide variety of popular colors, including whites, earthy browns, blacks, and creams, with sparkles and veining for the look of granite or marble. But unlike natural-stone slabs, which are mined, these slabs are engineered in a factory.

Their primary ingredient is ground quartz (about 94 percent), combined with polyester resins to bind it and pigments to give it color. For some designs, small amounts of recycled glass or metallic flecks are added to the mix. The resins also help make these counters Mainternance free, stain and scratch resistant—and nonporous, so they never need to be sealed or polished. CALL NOW FOR A QUOTE!!

*Please note:
The samples you see on the computer may not be absolutely correct due to variations in pictures resolution, computer settings, monitors and software compression. Prices shown apply only  in Edmonton and surroundings.

$49/sqft price only applies on the following colors: TCE2012, TCE2013, TCE2014, TCE2016, TCE2019